2022 Bike Bash WV – Information / Finer Details / What to expect


Bike Bash WV Finer Details


You can arrive as early as 1pm on Thursday, July 14. We’ll make every attempt to have registration open at this time. There are no planned activities until noon on Friday, July 15. There will be someone nearby to help answer questions about camping, etc.

Big Bear Lake Camplands is a private, restricted access, RV campground. Once you arrive to the property, you’ll be greeted by one of the Security Guards at the entrance. They will direct you up the road, no turns, 2.5 miles to the mountain top venue area. The speed limit inside the Camplands is 20mph, please do not speed. You’ll encounter slow moving golf carts, kids on bikes, and you’ll be passing through a neighborhood – please be patient while driving through the Camplands. Thank you!


Once you are at the mountain top venue area, please check-in at the registration/information tent (white tent). We’ll check off your name and give you the event program and a trail map. We’ll also direct you to the appropriate camping area and answer any questions that you might have.

If you have preregistered online, then this process should not take long. Please preregister online, which will close on Wednesday, July 13 at 11:59pm.

Onsite registration will be available – unless we reach 800 preregistered attendees. You’ll be charged an additional $20 above the online registration fees. A one-day pass for Friday or Saturday will also be available for $75, does not include camping. We will only be able to accept cash, check, or payment via PayPal to BikeBashWV@gmail.com – we will not be able to process Credit Cards onsite. Again, please preregister online.


RVs, Trailers, and large group camping will be in the open field area on the airstrip. Parking will be down the center with camping on either side. If you are sleeping in your vehicle then you’ll be permitted to park in the camping area. If not, please park in the center grassy area. We won’t be assigning camp sites, instead it will be first come first served and we’ll allow RVs/Trailers, car campers, and tents to comingle as groups. In the past, RVs/Trailers, car campers, and tents were separated, which made it so mixed groups couldn’t camp together. We think this is a better approach. Please be conscious of how much space you’re taking up. Early arriving attendees can save space for those that are coming later. There should be plenty of space for everyone based on the 800 attendee limit. Please be courteous to your neighbors!

For single tent campers, hammocks, and smaller groups you’ll be allowed to camp in the wooded camping area off to the right past the bridge or other wooded areas or open field areas as appropriate. This area will fill up fast and we’ll be limiting vehicle access. There are a few larger tent areas as well as spots to pitch a single tent. Feel free to make a spot by moving sticks or trimming vegetation as necessary. This will also be a first come first served area.

There will be 3 banks of portable toilets around the mountain top venue area. We also offer 4 men’s and 4 women’s shower stalls with on-demand hot water, hand wash stations, potable water, and bike wash hoses. All of these amenities are located near the middle bank of portable toilets closest to the pavilion.


Please do not build any new fire rings, especially in the open field area. Any fires in the open field area must be contained in a metal bottomed fire bowl, no exceptions. This will be strictly enforced.

Fires are permitted in already established fire rings in the woods camping area. Again, do not build any new fire rings.

Fires may be banned all together if conditions for wild fires is high. These decisions will be made the day of the event.

We will have a community bonfire near the stage area on Friday and Saturday night.


There will be a shuttle option available for this event. This will consist of a small bus with a bike trailer that will be able to carry 15-20 people & bikes. The shuttle will run Friday noon – 6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, and Sunday 10am – 3pm. The shuttle pickup points will be located at the trailhead parking area near the entrance of the property and at the Country Store. The drop-off point will be at the venue area – these locations will be highlighted on the event map. Shuttles allow attendees to access farther away sections of trail without having to add more miles than desired and they make it easier to do a primarily downhill run. Also, we will allow attendees to do their own shuttles but we ask that you follow a few basic common-sense rules. All shuttle riders must be inside the vehicle, no hanging out on the side of a pickup bed or riding in a trailer. You are permitted to park next to Big Bear Lake or at the Trailhead Parking Area at the front of the property. Please do not park at the Country Store or any other random spot in the Camplands, you’ll be ticketed. Please obey the 20mph speed limit. Thank you!

Skills Clinics

Several skills clinics will be offered throughout the weekend by professional skills instructors Harry Geyer (The Wheel Mill) and Shanna Powell (Endless Bike Girl Mountain Bike Skills). The event program lists each skills session focus area, appropriate skill level, the day, and time for each session. Kids sessions are open to those who are 16 or younger and the adult sessions are open to attendees who are 17 or older. Each individual skills session will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants in order to preserve the quality of the instruction and experience. There will be sign-up sheets located in The Wheel Mill Skills Area tent, which will be in the upper field next to all of the skills features. Registration for each sills session will open up 30 minutes before the listed start time. We’re going to set a limit of one skills session per attendee to allow more riders to participate BUT you will be allowed to add your name to the waitlist of another session and if that session isn’t full, you’ll be able to participate.

Once you’ve signed up – please arrive ready to ride and at least 5 minutes before the start of the session. Skills sessions will last approximately 60 minutes.

Again, we are offering adult only, women’s specific, and kid’s skills sessions. Adult only sessions are reserved for attendees who are 17 years old and up, while the kid’s sessions are reserved for attendees who are 16 years old or younger

Group Rides

We have several organized group rides scheduled over the weekend. Please reference the event program to see all of the group ride details. Most of these rides will last approximately 2 hours, some of the more advanced rides may last longer, and will be no drop rides with bail points. Large group rides tend to move slow, please be patient. The intent of these rides is to show you areas that you might not find on your own or a unique way to link up the trails. Each ride will have a lead and sweep rider. Meet near the Registration/Information tent for all group rides.


There are 4 yoga sessions scheduled over the weekend. See the event program for details on times. All yoga sessions will be guided by Tara Morris. Meet at the stage area at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time for yoga. Please bring your own mat. Namaste!


We’ll have two food vendors under the pavilion at the event and the Country Store is just 1 mile down the hill from the mountain top venue area.

Doan’s Bones will have wood fired pizza, brisket sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, nachos, breakfast burritos, and a lite/veg option. They will onsite Thursday evening.

Orange County Roasters will have coffee, ice coffee, seltzers, assorted pastries/scones/muffins, and granola products. They will be onsite starting Friday midday.

The Country Store offers beer, ice cream, snacks, assorted convenience items, and miscellaneous camping supplies. Hours are listed in the event program.

If you know that you have food sensitivities or restrictions please come prepared with your own nutrition.


This is a Bring Your Own Beer (BYOB) event. Although we have a bar license at the mountain top venue, we have decided to forego selling beer at this event. This means that you’ll be allowed to bring your beer coolers up toward the stage for the live music that we have booked for Friday and Saturday night. You’ll want to bring your camp chair too. We only have one strict rule – NO GLASS!


We’ll have live music on the performance stage on Friday and Saturday evening. Check the event program for acts and times. Meet at the stage, bring your camp chairs and beer coolers. We’ll have a bonfire in the fire pit near the stage on Friday and Saturday night.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours will be from 11:30 pm until 7:30 am each evening. Everyone will be camping next to another group. Please be conscious of your neighbors and our younger Bike Bash WV attendees.

Quiet hours also include RV generators. Please do not run your generator all night long. This will be strictly enforced.


Please keep a clean camp site. Do not dump food waste over the bank or on the ground as it attracts bears, raccoons, bees, etc. Instead, bag all of your trash and place it in the large trailer – you’ll see a wooden ramp – located near the bridge as you enter the mountain top venue area.


We won’t have any paid medics onsite. We will have a few small first aid kits at the registration/information tent in case of minor injury.

If you need assistance or advice for a minor incident or injury please call or text the Bike Bash WV Hotline at (301) 501-1516 or call Big Bear Lake Security at (304) 379-8641.

In case of a medical emergency or trauma, call 911. Then call or text the Bike Bash WV Hotline at (301) 501-1516.

Closest hospital:

Ruby Memorial Hospital

1 Medical Center Dr.

Morgantown, WV 26506

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