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The Big Bear Lake Trail Center boasts nearly 50 miles of fun featurey, loamy, singletrack that winds through rhododendron tunnels, pine plantations, hardwood forests, moss covered rocks, and giant ferns.

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Some Highlights

The Pines Overlook

Race Loop

This 12+ mile loop is WV cross country riding at its finest. Based on the 24hrs of Big Bear race course, this easy to follow route will take you up the Backside Climb, past The Pines Overlook (#thepines), and down the Big Bear Downhill.

pro tip: Ride the race loop clockwise for maximum fun.

Swamp Trail

Swamp Trail East and West are two of the more mellow trails at Big Bear. These trails wind through riparian wetlands, rhododendron tunnels, have few rocks and roots, and are generally on gently rolling terrain.

pro tip: Don’t yell at us if you get your socks dirty when you chose to ride a trail with Swamp in the name.

Crack Trail

Crack Trail

With big features, lots of moss, and flowy fun in between, Crack Trail is not to be missed! Head back to the dam connector or race loop, Or continue on More Crack for a fun fast downhill. Bring your climbing legs! It’s a two mile grassy doubletrack climb back to the race loop.

Pro tip: Boardwalks are slick when wet.

Gene’s Trail

SS Gene Arden Vance was a local mountain biker and member of the 9th Special Forces Group (Airborne). May 18, 2002 SS Vance was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan. After his death, friends and fellow mountain bikers built Gene’s trail in his honor.

Gene’s trail is a technical pedaly downhill with drops, rock gardens, log-overs and roots.

Pro tip: Most people think riding down Gene’s Trail is more fun than riding up Gene’s Trail. But hey, you do you.

Mother of Crack

Big round rocks, a triple feature drop, and technical rock gardens are Mother of Crack. Runs parallel to Fern trail but with more elevation gain/loss and much more technical difficulty.

Pro tip: Scout the drops. There is always a wheels on the ground line.

Voodoo Rocks

Voodoo Rocks is about as Jurassic as you can find on the Trail Center property. There are many large features and tricky spots. The scenery can’t be beat as the trail winds through Hemlock forest next to a creek

Pro tip: Ain’t for first timers! One of the hardest but most scenic trails on the property.

Fern Trail

Ride through a forest of giant ferns! Fern trail rolls along contour with plenty of intermediate rocks and a big feature or two.

Pro tip: Fern trail rides great both directions so keep your head up for oncoming traffic.

Q & A with Annie

- What tires do you ride?
Maxxis Minions. period.
- Tire Pressure?
That's awfully personal don't you think?
- Do you have any beginner friendly trail?
Absolutely! Extremely timid riders can start on three mile loop road, a three mile doubletrack dirt road with some rocks and ups and downs, then progress to the swamp trails. Other options are the kids loop (don't be fooled by the name, there are rocks and roots!) at the mountain top venue. Or pedal from the mountain top venue out the rocky doubletrack road to The Pines overlook. Don't be afraid to try other trails too! Just ride within your limits and walk what you aren't comfortable with.
- IPA or Hard Seltzer?
Ginger Ale

Let’s Ride!

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